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Ball ache

In Insomniac Blatherings on April 3, 2010 at 4:17 am

As was one of my former manager’s most comming saying. In this case, dhobi itch, eczema, post-whisky insomnia, after a day of otherwise being exceptionally good, cooking, running, and not eating the sugar-full, gluten-free cake that was left on the side, having been left by somebody around here.

Ball ache too being psychiatrists and my usual struggles with them. The usual catch 22 I find myself in with them where I spend my life, like today, working exceptionally hard, trying to implement a thousand hard-earned lifestyle tweaks and learned-the-hard-way coping strategies, still end up not sleeping, angry, and with a busy head, and yet, being higher functioning than I would be without them, still in some wide bracket where an individual with a high IQ, like myself, and a full-time job, will invariably be dismissed out of hand by these people. It makes me furious. It happens especially because, being less scientific than they consider themselves to be, they do not believe that food can affect mood and mental function to the extent that it in fact does, and so they do not believe that I have helped myself with food etc., and so they do not believe that I am helping myself, or that I would be worse without these coping strategies etc., which take over my life, and since they do not then see the most obvious symptoms immediately, dismiss my problems.
I hate them. And I hate the fact that anger towards them, because of their inflexibility, their God complexes, hubris and failure to adhere to the very scientific ideals they define themselves by, can take over at times.

I am really worried that even this latest consultation could go the wrong way.

Gav B

  1. O man, where do you find these psychiatrists? It sounds really awful, I don’t want to be like that some day… Hopefully you’ll find someone good soon 🙂

    • Cheers. Fingers crossed. I’ve got an appointment in a fortnight!

      And for yourself. Just try to remain open. Your patients will have experiences too. Sometimes you may have to think twice before dismissing their experiences solely because they conflict with your own training. Psychiatry is a discipline that is constantly being refined. The causes for many psychological illnesses are far from being well understood, and the funding bias towards psychopharmacology is perhaps warping what little understanding there is.

      Remember that you are dealing with human beings and you should not go far wrong.

      Good luck! Done well, the psychiatrist’s role is very important and ought to be very rewarding. Done badly, it is a blunt instrument of social control that has the potential to be as repressive and inhuman as the Stasi and other comparable institutions. I wish I was exaggerating.

  2. The first thing I had to learn here was that all that we learn or believe to know is hypothetical, just theories that can be wrong tomorrow. It wasn’t that easy, you must learn to separate your personal believes from your professional believes and to accept the client really unconditionally. But of course there are many psychological schools and every single one has other views on the subject…

    I’ll do my best in remaining open and I wish that your psychiatrist will be open too 🙂

    • Thanks. Yeah, I hope this latest guy A> knows what he is talking about and doesn’t rely on stereotypes of Asperger’s and ADHD such as might be considered rudimentary even for writers of bit parts in soap operas and B> remains open to my experiences. Don’t hold out a great deal of hope on that point at the moment. That way I won’t build up a lot of hopes etc that will be crushed as soon as I walk through the door.

      Yeah, the best is to be able to take from different school, and to be willing to depart even from that on encountering something different. Some of my favourite psychological writers, such as Anthony Storr, write from one perspective but are open to others and take whatever is relevant in a particular case.

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