ignis, glacies et pertinacia


The University of Gav was established on June 27th, 2009 by Gavin Belcher and formally opened on the 12th July, 2009 in a multinational and multidisciplinary but rather unfortunate episode of quadrupal booking by Dr Mitty, The Reverend Mr. Yorrick, and Billy Fisher of Ambrosia (the fourth invitee, Jára Cimrman III, also in attendance, suffered a paroxism of Externism which rather precluded his taking an active role in the proceedings, and was taken to convalesce in the Department of Philosophy cafe).

The University is at once an ambitious institution and a rather modest affair. With Professor Gavin Belcher taking on most of the active roles in the institution, from Vice Chancellor to head of every department, and with one student, Gav Belcher, being as yet the only enrolled student, the University can truly claim to be the only University which insists upon true one-to-one tutoring and the focus of all resources. Undoubtedly there must be drawbacks as well as advantages to this mode of operation, but since Gavin Belcher of the Committee of Institutional Efficiency has yet to report, it is not yet clear what these may be.

  1. This is a riot. Can I attend the U too?

    • You certainly can, though most of our staff (ok, the one of him) seem to have a few problems with absent-mindedness and have a number of ‘organisational issues’. You may have to be prepared for a few delays along the way.

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