ignis, glacies et pertinacia

Department of Nutrition

Prof Gavin Belcher of the Department of Nutrition leads one of the most forward-thinking of the University of Gav’s research-led departments. Prof Belcher works closely with the Department of Psychology and the Autism Research Unit to develop an empirically-informed approach to the nutritional therapy of those with autism and other neurodevelopmental disorders. The majority of Prof Belcher’s work is concerned with the “distortion of the various cultures surrounding discrete national and regional cuisines, with the adulteration of foods by chemicals and antinutrients which are often neurotoxic, carcinogenic or otherwise damaging, which in many cases bioaccumulate, and which are wholly unecessary, and with the narrowing of national cuisines to either ‘pidgin’ or ‘punk’ cuisines with an undue emphasis on a few foods which may well have been disproportionately represented in the culinary legacy but which are highly damaging in overemphasis.”

Prof Belcher describes his department as “avowedly prescriptive as well as descriptive” and says that at the current time across the Western world with so many diets offered as the answer to all ills, we need to remember that everybody needs something different. There is no one good diet, though there is certainly at least one standard diet that is bad for all, but on the other hand there are certain demographics who almost invariably benefit from the implementation of a form of a given diet, autistics being one such group.

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