ignis, glacies et pertinacia

Autism Research Unit

Gavin Belcher of the Autism Research Unit has been studying the metabolic abnormailties associated with autism spectrum disorders and other neurodevelopmental disorders and has a particular interest in the nutritional therapy of such disorders. He is influenced by Richard Bentall and David Healy as regards some of the potential dangers of an overly schematic and exclusively psychopharmaceutical approach to mentall illness and is a vocal critic of many of the accepted beliefs regarding autism and associated disorders and of the methods of treatment which tend to be available.

Gavin Belcher is indebted also to his associates in the Departments of Nutrition and Applied Nutrition, and also to his long time experimental subject, undergraduate Gav Belcher who has, for the most part, born with equanimity the two “imposters” of the alternate amelioration and exacerbation of his condition.

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