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Millet, quinoa and steak

In Department of Nutrition, Food diary, Recipe on October 24, 2009 at 10:11 pm

More and more I’m coming to understand that even the small slips in my food have a large impact. I’m going longer and longer between slips, and, I think, the slips are becoming less and less pronounced, but all I still really do want to work towards enjoying the food I can eat more and more, increasing my repertoire, so the slips are less tempting. I managed another little step towards that today with another twist on millet and quinoa.

I have been using a lot of butter again in recent months. There’s a lot of confusion over butter. Some, like Bee, whose Yahoo Candida diet group I subscribe to but rarely read, consider butter to be anti-candida, others aren’t so sure or outlaw it the same as any other dairy produce. My own experiences are mixed. It is though the one thing I find it impossible to cut out completely. There are just so few edible alternatives. Today though I made a step forward. I printed out a candida chopping list from Bee’s website yesterday and bought a couple of things from it today that I haven’t used before, that is, lard, and macadamia nut oil.

Also today I bought something I haven’t been using much, fennel, and used something I bought a while back and haven’t used in over a week, probably more like two or three, that is, celeriac.

It was one of those meals that I wasn’t sure what I was going to do until I did it and so it had an extemporised quality to it. (All the more reason to write it down now of course, before I forget.) I started off by heating some chicken stock I took out of the freezer last night and putting the millet in to cook in the stock. I then chopped some celeriac into fine cubes and threw that in with it.

Next I chopped some organic leek into very fine rounds and set that to saute in lard and butter. To this I added ginger, chili, finely chopped fennel, and some celery. I cut crosses into a few cherry tomatoes and threw these in on top (I have been finding this a good way of cooking sauces with a little tomato, squashing them into quarters once they have been heated through and the onions etc around them have sauteed down).

Meanwhile, I warmed a baking tray in the over with a slice of lard, and then added red onion, courgette and aubergine to roast.

Once the millet had been simmering for ten to fifteen minutes, I added quinoa to the stock mix so the two would cook at around the same time.

I wasn’t yet sure what was going to be what, so I chopped a lot of cucumber out of habit (I often make a salad with the quinoa, a kind of tabbouleh) and threw this into a bowl. I decided against this. A seperate salad was too fiddly and I had many different parts to the meal already, so once the millet and quinoa was cooked, I added this, with the sauteed leek, fennel and tomato, to the quinoa, tossed it around, and threw it into the oven to warm through so the cucumber wouldn’t be too incongruous.

I then took the sirloin steak I had bought this morning on a trip out to not one but two supermarkets while listening to celebrity chef Nigel Slater’s wonderful autobiography “Toast” on the car stereo, and tossed that into the warmed pan with a little more lard and butter. I crushed some peppercorns and threw this on top, turned the steak, finished it off and then, setting it aside to rest, chopped some garlic not too finely, and threw this first into the hot fat, and then, having tossed it around a few times, over the steak.

The result was lovely. One of those few meals I could never tired of, and one that may help me just that little bit longer to the next slip. Not such a bad day!

Gav Belcher

Food Diary 18/8/09

In A Walter Mitty Character, Autism Research Unit, Department of Nutrition, Food diary, Recipe, Recipe of sorts on August 19, 2009 at 9:36 pm

I’ll keep this short and sweet, or try to at least, so I can get back to banging away on the old Imperial typewriter of mine. I really am short of answers as to how to force myself to keep a food diary more consistently because again and again little contraband items sneak in to my diet ad hoc, and it all adds up. A flapjack yesterday, caffeine here and there, and bits of sugar and god knows what here and there. Read the rest of this entry »